#23 Dallas, TX


I know it might sound like Matt is always on the road travelling. And actually it´s kinda true. But in the meanwhile, believe it or not, I do work at the bank. 🙂
I have a really good and fun time working at the bank. All my co-workers are pretty nice.
I even would say, that it is the most fun place I worked for. Especially the humor is what I love about my co-workers and the people here. It is pure sarcasm.

Last Thursday after work I drove down to Dyersburg, TN to Adriane´s host families house. She is an another participant from CBYX and we have already been to Indianapolis, IN together, For me it was a five hours drive from Olney, IL. On the next day we drove 10 hours to Dallas, TX together, which was a fun drive and stayed two nights at a friends house. Saturday night we watched the Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State. The best thing about the game was, we bought tickets way up for the last row. But after the halftime we moved down to the third row which was an awesome upgrade 🙂 This was our German bonus 🙂 This game was basically the main reason for our trip. On Easter sunday we drove 10 hours back to her house in TN. I got back to Olney on Monday afternoon.

Happy Easter to everyone,



#22 Orlando

Hi together,

After one week of working at the bank, I took one week off and drove down to Orlando for spring break.
We were a bunch of international students and American friends of mine. The place made our trip wonderful but the people made our trip unforgettable.


# 21 News


This time I only want to keep you in the loop about the basics, even though it happened a lot in the last two months.

Even Washington, D.C. was an unforgettable time with Charlie (I can not find any words for it but I can say, who have thought before I’ll have a second American dad), I’m more than happy to be back in small Olney.
It feels right and it feels like home.

I got a new truck because my first one (2000 Chevrolet) broke down and sadly I’ve to sell it. Everything is a challenge! It happens.

I did change my host family in Olney. Now I stay with Pam and her son Chance. They are great. He is like my age and we play basketball together, go working out together and hanging out together.
I did change families between Christmas and New Years Eve, a few days before I left to Washington, D.C.
After I have left Olney to Washington, D.C., our house got flooded in the first few days in 2015 and Pam and Chance weren’t home because they have been to Mexico for vacation. It is bad but it happens.
The most important fact to me is, we three still live together in a new house.

I started working for First National Bank in Olney today. My co-workers are great. I’ll have a good time.


# 20 Washington, D.C.


my time in Washington so far is really awesome. I stay with my host Charlie and live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood which is only a 10 minute walk to my office building. I also got lucky with my office I work for. I work for my home district congressman from southern Illinois who is very nice. I already went to media conferences and had to write memo´s, but mostly I am on the front desk or have research assignments to do which are always very interesting. I also will give tours for constituents through the Capitol. I am also allowed to join as many hearings and briefings as I want. 🙂 I have a good, good time!!


my host Charlie and I

# 19 San Diego, Christmas and NYE


I hope everybody is doing great at home?!
Between finishing my study semester at the Olney community college and Christmas, I used my leisure and travelled for a few days to the east coast visiting my friend Hanah in San Diego. Despite the season of year, San Diego is the place with always warm and T-shirt weather what I really enjoyed since the winter season have already started in Olney. 🙂
Over the weekend we drove up to a friends cabin in the mountains of California. We got a lot of new snow and went night skiing which was great. That is one reason why I really like San Diego, because they got the warm temperatures in the city and after a two hours drive to the mountains, they got snow and best conditions for skiing. Remember also the delicious Mexican food.

Christmas was a very special and unique experience for me. It was nice to see how American´s celebrate those days with their family and friends. I had my first own sock at the chimney which we all know from American movies. On Christmas Eve (12/24th) we went to a special church service and after coming back we all could open one gift which is tradition in our hostfamily. Next morning (12/25th) we all got up very early and opend all our gifts which took ages, since we had hundreds of gifts. 🙂 The rest of our Christmas days, we spent the time together with the family and friends.

On NYE I travelled to Nashville, TN with three American friends and spent the night there. One good friend of them plays the drums in a live band there, which was really an awesome band.

Hanah and I

Hanah and I

night skiing

night skiing

first seal which I´ve seen in nature

first seal which I´ve seen in nature

our christmas tree

our christmas tree

NYE with Mackenzie, Megan and Wes

NYE with Mackenzie, Megan and Wes

#18 Olney daily mail :)

# 17 Thank you Marc Lamberger :)

Selfie with Barack Obama_Page_1

#16 Thank you

I´m so glad having you as my friends ! I´m really looking forward to meeting you in NYC 😉 I can´t wait anymore 🙂

# 15 Decision

Hi Minga,

I want that you all know I really enjoy my time living in Olney, IL 🙂
So much that I will come back to Olney after finishing my internship at the Congress of US in Washington, D.C.
That means that I m not gonna go up to NYC where I would have another great possibility to work, I have understand work is not everything in life!
I got such a good opportunity here in town to work for the “First National Bank” as a costumer advisor which made me finally thinking about staying. 🙂 I m also settled down in the community and found great American friends. It is also such fun coaching kids in different kind of sports (soccer & basketball) and I can´t wait till the baseball season starts in March. 🙂 I m also able to play basketball in the “Richland County Mens Basketball League” together with some American friends. (our team name is “Young Guns” and we got pink shirts) and I just want to add that this wasn´t my idea! 🙂 (Just in case for some of you who would think it was 🙂 )Furthermore Olney is in the middle of nowhere but also in the middle of everything! Meaning: It is almost the central point of North America, same like St. Paul in Kansas (hehe right Michael?) which make it easy to travel around.

All these points are the reason why I m gonna to stay in the megapolis OLNEY 🙂


#14 roadtrips

Hey guys,

I hope you all doing good and have also a great pre christmas time as we have. I m very glad that some of you consistently comment my posts and stay in contact with me. 🙂 I am always very happy to hear some news from my home, family and friends and getting updated.

At the beginning of November two friends of mine (Felix & Kevin; also participants of CBYX), living normally up in Chicago, came down to Olney and stayed one night with my hostfamily. On the next day one other friend of us (Lena; also participant), came as well and we four drove together to Nashville, TN which is only a four hours drive. Nashville, TN is known as town for country music and live bands. In Nashville´s downtown we met seven other CBYX´ler and we all went clubbing togehter which was a lot of fun. Such get-to-gether from PPP´ler from different cities is always fun. Saturday during the day we all drove to Lynchburg, TN where the well known Jack Daniels distellerie is placed.

In the middle of November and exactly to the right time, as it started be getting colder and snowing in the south of Illinois, my hostfamily, Clarisse and me we left Olney to the south to Fort Myers, FL. After a 16 hours drive with changing up drivers we finally reached the paradise of US. I would mention it is the place to be during winter season. We were able to stay at a friends house of Geneva just one block far away the beach. (Golf of Mexico) Most of the time as you probably can imagine we were at the beach, swimming, playing soccer and football or taking a nap. Average temperature were 80 degrees Fahrenheit which means approximately 30 degrees Celcius. We also had two cloudy days where we played board games or went to the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford museum. On Sunday we four kids drove to Miami, FL which is on the other side of Florida and had also a chance to swim in the Atlantic ocean. In the evening we went to a NBA game between the Miami Heats and Milwaukee Bucks, my 2nd NBA game. 🙂

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving ! Enjoy being together with your family and friends.