To Do

Soo, jetzt habe ich die erste „vorläufige“ Liste fertig, was ich während meines Jahres erleben möchte. Die Liste wird kontinuierlich erweitert und aktualisiert. Natürlich bin ich für Vorschläge von euch offen, was man sonst noch getan haben sollte.

Cities I want to visit:

o   Albuquerque, NM (Breaking Bad)

o   Atlanta, GE (The Walking Dead)

o   Los Angeles, CA (The Shield)

o   New York ∨

o   Washington

o   Chicago ∨

o   Boston

o   San Francisco

o   Las Vegas

o   Miami

o   Orlando

o   OmaHa (Peyton Manning :D) ∨

o   Philadelphia

o Cincinnati ∨

o Cleveland ∨

o Pittsburgh ∨

Places and festivals:

o   Grand Canyon

o   Ride with Cable Car in San Francisco

o   Driving State Route 1, CA

o   Attending a Student House Party

o   Visit the Old Farms in the South

o   Drink a Jack Daniels in Tennessee

o   Drive and drink along the Bourbon Trail (Kentucky)

o   Watch the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain (Maine)

o   Balloon Festival (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

o   Cliff Walk, Rhode Island

o   Sundance Film Festival

o   Warner Studios in LA

o   Make a Picture with the Hollywood Sign

o   Walk over Golden Gate Bridge

o   Make a Journey through Queens

o   Hike to Delicate Arch (Utah)

o   Walk the Skywalk above the Grand Canyon

o   Visit the Smithsonian Museum (Washington D.C.)

o   Civil War Battleground Tours

o   Museum of Natural History in New York

o   Burning Man Festival

o   Hang out at Venice Beach (CA)

o   Visit the White House (Washington D.C.)

o   Central Station ∨

o   Spring Break, FL

o   Mardy Grass in Big Easy (New Orleans, LA)

o   Mount Rushmore (ND)


Just Things:

o   Attending a great Super Bowl Party

o   Visit a Shooting range

o   Driving the Route 66 ∨

o   Theme Park Tour

o   Lose a little bit of Money in Las Vegas

o   Drive with an Airboat in the Swamps

o   Eat a huge Steak in Texas

o   Take a few Climbing Tours

o    Throw some footballs in the backyard ∨

o   Running the Stairs in “Philadelphia” like Rocky

o   Visit the Set of “Blood In Blood Out”

o   Celebrate the St. Patricks Day

o  Watching Dawn at Top of the Rocks ∨

o   Joining a Halloween Party ∨

o   Ride with the Metro in New York ∨

o   Make a classic Roadtrip with “500 Miles” at the Radio

o   Sleep a Night in the desert while watching the sky full of stars

o   Visit an Airplane Carrier

o   Hunting bears in Alaska (Ronja :D)

o   Die Leute bei Walmart anschauen 😀 ∨

o   Walking over the Times Square and Broadway ∨

o   Watching a Baseball Game Live in the Stadium ∨

o   Watching a Football game live in the Stadium∨

o   Saw the Statue of Liberty ∨

o   Sitting in front of the Unisphere like Doug and Carrie

o    Visit the Central Park  ∨

o   Taste all the Fastfood Restaurants

o   Eat the best Burger in the world

o   Eine Geisterstadt besuchen

o   Having Breakfast in a American Diner ∨

o   Eat a real american Turkey at Thanksgiving

o   Having a classic american barbecue ∨

o   Make a Pub Crawl

o   Visit the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland ∨

o   Going by cab through New York ∨

o   Eating a Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago ∨



Bars to visit:

o   Smugglers Cove, San Francisco

o   Ship Tavern, Denver

o   Williams & Graham, Denver

o   The Esquire Tavern, San Antonio

o  Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago ∨

o   Angel’s Share, New York

o   The Violet Bar, Chicago

o   The Alembic, San Francisco

o   Please Don’t Tell, New York

o   Holeman & Finch, Atlanta

o   The Patterson House, Nashville


o   Visit the glass Balcons on the Willis Tower ∨

o   Visit Millenium Park ∨

o   Navy Pier ∨

o   Eat a Chicago Pizza ∨

o   Go through all the museums

o   Go to the Zoo ∨

o   Watch a live game of the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Red-Sox and Chicago Cubs ∨

o   Swim in Lake Michigan ∨

o   Visit Hancock Tower ∨


Ja ich weiß, ich hab mir viel vorgenommen 🙂